About Us

LOANPAPA assist you to get your loans and other services from over 30 lenders including major banks. Our mission is to give you a smoother run to process and finalize your home loans, business loans, car loans/Leasing and insurance. We understand your requirements from borrowers prospective and help you to decide the best services based on your needs. We also help you to arrange all the paper works that bank needs to approve your loans.

We understand every person does not have similar understanding of the process of buying a home. We are here to guide you step by step how you can own your first home faster. We also explain the first home buyer grant (FHOG).
Most importantly for all the services we provide you for your home loans, We do not charge any fees. We get a commission from the bank as we do most of the works for the banks. The main point you should remember you get the same loan from us that bank would have offer you if you go directly to the bank. But when you come to us, we can offer you one stop information for all the lenders and more personalized services. You can compare all the bank’s services and chose the best. Whether you need more information or you want to discuss your requirments please don’t hesitate to contact us.