STOP paying too much for your home loan !

It is a fact that many people are paying a higher home loan interest rate than they need to. How long has it been since you conducted a checkup on your home loan? Do you know that there are lenders out there who might discount standard variable interest rate by more than 1.00% for larger size loans. Even if your loan is relatively small there are lenders who will discount their standard variable rate by 0.70% p.a. These discounts, which are known as professional loan packages, might save you substantial amounts of money.

If you are paying off a $300,000 standard variable rate home loan off over 30 years, a discount of 0.70% p.a. off the interest rate could cut your monthly repayment by $175 and save you $63,000 over 30 years (based on a comparison of a home loan at a standard variable rate of 5.90% p.a. with a discounted home loan at 5.20% p.a.).

Or do you have a number of debts, including a home loan, which you are finding hard to manage? It may be in your best interests to consolidate your personal debts into your home loan to reduce your total monthly outgoings.

If you think that you are paying too much on your current home loan, or if you are simply unhappy with your current lender, we can help you determine whether it will be beneficial for you to refinance to another loan. Although you may find a cheaper interest rate elsewhere, other factors, such as the costs that may be involved in refinancing, need to be considered. The costs that you may incur include:

– Early repayment penalty charged by current lender

– Discharge fee charged by current lender

– Application fee charged by new lender

– Mortgage deregistration and registration fees charged by the state governments

On many occasions these costs can be offset with the interest savings within the 1st year.

To determine whether you may be able to save money by refinancing your current home loan please call on 0402410396 or Contact us for FREE HOME LOAN CHECKUP. We will get let you know whether refinancing your loan will save you money.

If you do decide to refinance we will do all the work for you in arranging the change of lender